Fantasy Faire 2016


Fantasy Faire is mere hours away from opening it’s magical portals once more. Today I was fortunate enough to slip in as part of a Blogger Preview Day whilst the designers were putting their final touches in place. Every year the creators of the environments astound me with their  skill in creating an entirely new world that is entirely believable in having life exist within it; whether it be fantastical magical plants and insects , intriguing pixies and fae, intimidating beasts and demons, elusive merfolk,  or the small folk and teenies .

As the event doesn’t open until 9am on the 21st April, we have been instructed not to share pictures of the Fairelands themselves ( afterall the portals have not yet fully stabilized). But trust me there is much to see and I photographed so many scenes that I will be kept busy for the rest of the month sharing these plus examples of the wonderful exclusives being released at this special event. More information about the Fantasy Faire can be found here:

In previous years I have woven complex stories linking the different sims, however this year I have decided to set a smaller task for myself. I will still share my love of fantasy with some story telling, plus writing for the Faire challenges : Faire Folk, My New Shiny, I Remember and Why I Relay. I will be blogging a mixture of clothing and decor, plus a few body enhancements ( skins and hair) and I will be sharing a collection of photos that I have captured around the fairegrounds.

So as I cannot yet show you current Fantasy Faire images I will share a couple photos from past Faires.


Rose petal


Assasin 1

Click over to my Flickr Album for a few photos of just scenery from the Fantasy Faire sims 2015 :


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