An apology

May 2nd Profile

I would like to apologize, and explain, my absence from my blog over the last 10 days.  After getting a reaction to an insect bite ( possibly from a white-tail spider) I had to get medical attention. I was fortunate to be able to get assistance at my local medical center , and after IV antibiotics and daily dressing changes I am pleased to say it looks like it is healing now . I have had to rest and allow my body to fight the staph infection which meant less time, and enthusiasm for being online.

We all say RL first, and it is definitely easy to acknowledge the importance of looking after ourselves, but that doesn’t stop the disappointment and feelings of letting people down. I had planned on blogging Fantasy Faire 2016 ( which ended May 1st) but apart from an initial post, I was unable to do so. As well as this many of the stores that I blog for regularly have released very exciting items, and I will be making efforts to get back into blogging and sharing regularly again.

So this short post is an acknowledgement of the support of all of the designers and event managers who have provided opportunities and items for me to incorporate in my blogging. Thank you all.

For my readers, regular visitors, and friends, this Thank you is to you, I look forward to continuing to share my blog.



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