It’s one of those days.. a day that is just so hard to get up and get started. Then you remember it’s Sunday and you don’t have to! ( NB- I know it’s not really Sunday.. I am a bit slower than planned at getting this posted lol).

Soyeux boxers, Dijon, Fallen Gods/ Faida @ MWFW 2016

Lay back, relax  and read – stay in bed as long as you like. Just be sure you don’t sleep through the rest of Menswear Fashion Week 2016, that’s where you will find these sexy Soyeux boxers in a range of colors. In a previous post I showed off Ooh-la-licious’ Dominic skin in mocha on a standard SL head, this time it’s caramel tone on the Justin mesh head from Catwa.

Dominic, caramel on Justin, Ooh-la-licious @ MWFW 2016

Before I drop down to the details I think it’s time to give you some more reading; the calendar of events for the next few days of MWFW 2016

5:00pm SLT – 6:00pm SLT — MWFW 2016 Group Fashion Show —
Featuring: United Colors
Vero Modero
RSC for Men
JFL Real Hats

12:00pm – 4:00pm SLT — RFL Model Dunk Tank

5:00pm SLT – 6:00pm SLT — MWFW 2016 Group Fashion Show —
Featuring: Zanze Men
PRISM for Men
Ohio’s Kilts
69 Park Ave

SLurl to MWFW:


Body: Catwa Head Justin, V4.10
Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1.2
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands MALE V2.1 – Relaxed
Skin:Domenic, Caramel,omega head applier, Ooh-la-licious ( @ MWFW 2016)
Hair: Seven- Omen, *Drot* with Ooh-la-licious/360 Degree Tidal Waves/Jet Black
Eyes:Promise eyes, Mahogany , IKON
Clothing: Soyeux, Dijon, Fallen Gods Inc & Faida ( @ MWFW 2016)
Furniture: Metal Platform Bed, Soy. ( @ C88)

MWFW 2016 Logo Coming June 10th, 2016


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