Modern Medusa

Modern Medusa

I absolutely adore fantasy styling and when I saw this fantastic Medusa inspired hairstyle from EMO-tions I knew I would be blogging it. You will find it and the leather bra , also by EMO-tions, at the July round of We ❤ Roleplay.

Medusa hair, EMO-tions @ We <3 RP July

The fabulous location I visited to take these photos is a sim called alpha tribe. The following excerpt is from their information notecard:

“This new build revolves around the theme of “fool’s gold.” Most of what you will encounter is new (and mostly golden): There is an “Orientalist” pavilion where you can relax, a shipyard where a golden ship is in the process of being built, an airship that is about to take off to distant skies, a pleasure arcade where you can swing on boats, gaze at clockwork creatures, and get many prizes from a grab-a-duck gallery. There are pleasure walks, gardens, and ruins. And, yes, there is of course also the store with lots of new outfits.”

It really is an amazing location , every turn an inspiration for photographers, and when I stopped in to see the store I was so thrilled by the clothing. I was really tempted to buy, the only drawback was that although many of the outfits included mesh items there were still system layers involved. If I had had more than 100L to my name at the time of visit I would have bought at least one outfit. Take a look at the following link to see an example of one of the many outfits available ( each includes his and hers/ or is unisex) shot on location at alpha.tribe.

Nayra leather bra, EMO-tions @ We <3 RP July

Body : Kirsten Mesh Head, [GA.EG]
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Skin: Adore – Varda // Midian, Lumae
Hair: * MEDUSA *, .:EMO-tions:. @ We ❤ Roleplay – July
Eyes: Immortal Eyes – Wight , IKON
Clothing: * NAYRA * leather -bra, .:EMO-tions:. @ We ❤ Roleplay – July
FridaBrownLeatherButt, [SD]
Poses: mixed collections – Di’s Opera




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