Beach ready with Belleza

Beach ready

The last 24 hours saw the long awaited arrival of the update for the Belleza mesh bodies. The three body types ; Venus, Isis and Freya each now include a lite version for times you want to focus on lowering your rendering weight. However I noticed that even the full version is definitely lower than some of the other mesh bodies available.


The lite body still has the ability to work with the Belleza universal hud, the difference is that instead of being able to choose between three breast options you are limited to one the default one. You still have the options to change your feet positions but not the hands, whereas the full version has a myriad of mix and match options for hand positions.

Bettie swimsuit, Belleza @ MBA Fair

Hot on the heels of this update was the exciting news that Belleza will be releasing clothing especially designed for their bodies , and we didn’t have long to wait. The Mesh Body Addicts Fair opened tonight  ( midnight SLT 1st August) and in the Belleza display you will find this cute Bettie bikini in a range of colors, note that the top is only able to be worn while wearing the full body with the push up breast option. Over the next few days I will be taking some more photos showing some of the different features more clearly plus some of the other wonderful items you can find at the MBA Fair. To finish off I want to mention another fantastic wet-look hairstyle recently released by Argrace, perfect for your summer photos.

Argrace hair, Pink Fuel skin on LAQ Trinity head

Body : Mesh Head Trinity 1.0, LAQ
-Belleza- Venus V4
Skin: Morgana, Hazel , Logo Alex applier, Pink Fuel
Hair: CHIZURU , *ARGRACE* – new
Eyes: Hope eyes- chocolate , IKON
Clothing: Bettie Bikini – Venus – Blue, – Belleza- ( @ MBA)
Standing poses: Seductress, oOo Studio
Windlight: region setting, no additional editing


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