One of a kind.. or almost

One of a kind

Caroline , only daughter in the Warwick family, was not unaware of the challenges she faced as being a member of a merchant family. No matter how wealthy and polished they were , she and her older brother would never be considered an eligible match for a member of  one of the Upper class families. However Caroline, being both clever and pretty had discovered upon a way to be accepted and even admired by many of those who could have easily turned their backs on her for her less established family name.

Looking in the large mirror in the entrance way of  Masefield Hall she smiled as she adjusted her hair smoothing back fine wisps of her vibrant copper tresses. Straightening the skirt of her gown she looked once more at her reflection pleased at the dramatic effect.  Caroline had developed a reputation for leading the fashions for the young ladies of London, it was actually to her advantage that her family had such vast connections around the world. Her gown tonight would be sure to stand out, this summer every lady was donning gowns of pastel shades or white , colors which may have suited some but on others resulted in the wearer looking like a washed out water color . In contrast  Caroline had requested her gown to be made from a dark Italian silk sourced on her brother’s recent sojourn to Venice to secure new connections for importing fine fabrics, glass, gems and wines.

Caroline was confident no one would be prepared for her entry, the bold pattern of  midnight blue and white was both eye catching and regal, and due to the unique nature of the fabric she was assured her gown was one of a kind. Just as she was about to take her brother’s arm to enter the ballroom there was a flurry of movement as some more guests arrived, Caroline gasped as she caught a flash of a familiar design. How could this be.. the fabric was not available in England yet , and the seamstress had assured her that she had not spoken of nor shown Caroline’s gown to anyone.

The White Armory, Divine Regency gown Midnight and the Earl of Regent doublet midnight

Caroline twisted away from her brother to have a better look and then stifled her laugh of relief . Her gown was still one of a kind, however it became clear that someone else had been delivered some fine silk after her brother had returned home. There standing before her with an amused look on his face stood the Earl of Hatten, her brother’s best friend, looking especially handsome in a doublet of the same richly patterned fabric. As he bowed before Caroline , he winked and said softly ” You are looking lovely this evening Miss Warwick”, he then extended his arm offering to escort her in ” We make quite the pair , shall we?” he asked with a nod in the direction of the ballroom. Caroline blushed slightly and murmured her thanks, and as she placed her hand lightly upon his arm the doors opened , Caroline decided it was not so bad to be part of a matched pair after all.

Details: Her
Body : Mesh Head Trinity 1.0, LAQ
-Belleza- Isis V2
Skin: Mana P02, Untocuhed, Essences
Hair: Melody ~ Henna, Amacci Hair
Eyes:Sovereign Eyes – Field , IKON
Clothing: Divine Regency Gown Set, midnight, The White Armory
Head Accessory – Violets Wreath [dark plum] *LODE* ( past gacha event item)

Details: Him
Body: Catwa Head Justin V4.10
Slink Physique Male 1.2
Slink male hands
Skin: Marcus skin applier, golden, L’Etre
Eyes: Charm eyes, slate, IKON
Clothing: Earl of Regent Doublet set, midnight, The White Armory ( includes riding boots, cravat and pocket watch)
Both poses are from Poet’s Heart

Photo location: The Rose Theatre


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