Call me Cory

Call me Cory

or is that Call me, Cory. Both titles would work for the scene I created here with the lovely Shabby Chic in Blue house from Inverse as the background.

I’m wearing the Belleza Venus body and Catwa Tumble head completed with the Megan skin from L’Etre. Cory refers to this deceptively simple and oh so sexy lingerie from Milk Tea.You can choose from a range of colors in the Contemporary section at The Crossroads event.

This is a super short post today  to get me back in the swing of blogging, the last week or so I have been feeling unwell and unable to focus online. Thankfully the pain and nausea is on the retreat again and I can go back to enjoying SL.. and sharing photos of my shopping finds .

Cory lingerie, white , Milk Tea, *TK* Hair and L'Etre skin

Body : CATWA HEAD Tumble V4.9
-Belleza- Venus V4.01
Skin: Megan, Golden, L’Etre
Hair: Erola , *TKW*
Eyes: Triumph Eyes – Loam , IKON
Clothing: Cory, White, Milk Tea ( @ The Crossroads event)
Shoes: Gianni Heels – BELLEZA/HIGH, REIGN
Decor: Rotary phone, Aqua, Token & Tribe ( past gacha event item)
Setting: Shabby Chic in blue – mesh house, furnished , Inverse


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