Breaking through the Beige barrier

Beige barrier

Beige is often used as a term to describe something that is safe or boring. I must admit my first recollection of beige was my Mother’s Sunday best shoes , come dress up time they were NOT the top of the list for me even though for most of my childhood my Mother probably had 3 pairs of high heels. When I was older I discovered my Mother actually had a thing for shoes, and when she passed away we were all surprised by just how many pairs of shoes she had at the bottom of her wardrobe. By then those Sunday shoes were long gone in favor of flats, but there was one pair of beige high heels which I remember she wore to my older brother’s wedding .

Fame Dress [sYs], Tres Chic

Beige is a soft color that is like a blend of light brown and cream,  it can often be used as a neutral accent color when paired with black or navy. However to be dressed all in beige could be seen to be attempting to fade into the background, but that’s not going to happen in the beige version of the Fame dress from [sYs]. This sexy dress featuring metallic links across a breast high split ( yes you read that right – the split on one side stops just underneath the breast ).  There is a small metal detailing on the opposite shoulder though it isn’t shown due to my hairstyle, however the fact that it’s sleeveless on one side is very eye-catching too.

Jordan applier, Belleza, Murray hair, Catwa Tumble

I did play around with the windlight setting as I chose to use Nacon’s Morning instead of the region setting, I also enjoyed giving the water a mirror effect.  All other details and the SLurl to Furillen where I took these photos, is below in the details.

Body : CATWA HEAD Tumble V4.10
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Skin: Jordan, tan applier, Belleza
Hair: Olivia Hairstyle / Dark Browns , MURRAY
Eyes: Catwa eyes with Dreamsicle Eyes 7, omega applier, [theSkinnery]
Clothing : FAME dress (Maitreya body) – beige, [sYs] ( coming soon to Tres Chic )
Shoes:- Azalea – Maitreya, #EMPIRE
Poses: The Sapphire Series, an lar [poses]
Windlight: Nacon’s morning
Location: Furillen


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