No love lost

World's Apart by [Kres]

I know today is a big day for American citizens. Why even in little New Zealand , a land far far away ,we have a special television programme covering the USA Presidential results, not to mention the frequent coverage of the lead up. I do hope everyone who can vote is grabbing this opportunity to vote for whatever the outcome it is going to be quite a dramatic result.

I wanted to show off these fantastic Word’s Apart gacha items from [Kres], that are currently available in the gacha area at Chapter 4. I saw these on display on Facebook and was impressed though sad to not see my own country represented, a short time later I received a New Zealand flag.. what wonderful customer service.  Apparently once they head back to the mainstore after the event closes they will be encouraging people who do not have their flag currently included to get in contact as they will add more to the set. This is fantastic! We can’t all live in large countries and little countries need love too!

Each play is a flag with this half cut out heart, the full heart is a RARE pull which completes the picture of two flags joining together. Although these were probably designed to be shown flat I like the effect of them used as a corner with a small glimpse of me through the heart. I am not blogging all the details today but will mention that my hair is from Argrace, skin from the Skinnery  and top from Dead Dollz. But the important detail is this wonderful flags that are helping bring the world a little closer together.

World’s Apart- USA and NZ , [Kres] @ current Chapter 4


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