Lady Windlace lingers in the library

Lingering in the library

Evangeline Windlace, referred to as Eva by few,  mostly addressed quite properly as Lady Windlace, was lingering in the library at her Uncle’s country estate when she happened upon a small book tucked almost out of sight between some larger tomes. Brushing the dust off the cover and spine she flicked through the pages curiously, stopping when an illustration caught her eye.

SMD, Exile, Zuri Jewelry and Glam Affair

Peering closer she traced her finger over the intricate symbol in the middle of the page, wondering what it meant she paused to think if she had seen it anywhere else. Noticing some writing underneath she cautiously sounded out the words and was surprised to feel a tingle of warmth at her fingertips.

SMD Evangeline Windlace gown @ FGC

Eva placed the box aside and repeated the phrase, laughing with delight as flames appeared in the palms of both her hands, it was only after that that she realized she didn’t know how to end the flames. Fortunately for her, upon clapping her hands together she discovered the fire was extinguished and there were no signs of it having ever danced over her fingertips. Before leaving her Uncle’s home the very proper Lady Windlace very improperly acquired the mysterious little book by tucking it inside her stylish hat and making sure her hat pins were fastened securely.

Body : CATWA HEAD Tumble V4.10
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Skin: Glam Affair – Pia Applier ( Catwa / Tumble ) America 01
Hair: Rare Bird, Exile ( @ C88)
Eyes: Catwa mesh eyes with {NANTRA} Natural Eyes: Grey catwa applier
Clothing : Evangeline Windlace Gown Set, SMD @ FGC
Jewelry: Princess V2 – Elite, necklace and earrings, Zuri Rayna Jewelry
Pose: Spells, Eternal Dream

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