Serene Silence

A busy life

This post is by way of an update and explanation of the increasing length of gaps between posts. I have already written about my own health issues and the current concern over cancer for my father. In mid- February he had surgery to remove as much of the cancer from his neck as possible but too much of it is surrounding important arteries and meshed together with nerves for them to be able to get “almost all” of it. So he will be starting a 4 week series of daily radiation treatments at the end of the month. Over the last few weeks he has had multiple trips , and short stays, in the hospital due to collapsing after showering. We finally have information and contacts to better manage this, but this on top of the build up to the surgery and the recovery process, has been taxing – on Dad and all the family. I will be the main support person during the radiation treatment and although my Dad lives a short drive away he may spend some time staying to reduce the driving around for me. Due to my health busy days with lots of driving exhaust me, but I will happily do it for my Dad.

However this has meant I need to be realistic about the amount of time and energy I have and will have for SL and for blogging . I have had to make a difficult decision to reduce some of the commitments I have made so that “blogger spots” can be filled with bloggers able to consistently post . It is sad for me to do this as I adore all of the stores I blog for, and they have ALL been supportive and understanding. I am not stopping this blog, but I will be making no promises about the frequency of blogs until things are more settled in my RL. Unfortunately there is no long term outlook for Dad, the surgery and radiation is an attempt to reduce the impact of the cancer and increase his life expectancy.. though we may be looking at months to enjoy this wonderful man who has been such a big influence in my life. This prognosis on top of the passing of my Mother 2 years ago, has been an unsettling one but I remind myself to be grateful for what I have and have had – I have had both parent’s love and support from birth to 40 yrs old, I have been blessed.

Finishing this post on a positive note, reminding anyone reading this that I am not leaving , this is a shift in my commitments for now. I will still be popping into SL, FB and my blog now and then so do keep in touch .

PS Let me know in comments if you want details of what was used in this photo, I didn’t record it like a usual blog post but I do remember 🙂


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