Constance Stanbury’s secret

SMD- Constance Stanbury gown @ FGC

Constance Stanbury was known for two things, well many things but two that were most spoken of were her rose colored lips and her gorgeous gowns. Constance knew of the envious looks and hushed whispers among the ladies but she would never tell her secret. Though I did hear a rumor her modiste is none other than Silvan Moon Designs and Constance’s latest gown is soon to be the latest craze as the designers have made this floral be-decked ruffled treasure available at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival . There is a range of  soft colors and two dramatic and distinctive dark rares , each includes the gown and train in Maitreya and Slink fittings plus the lovely hat too.

Note the hair I am wearing is the  newest from Vanity Hair at On9, I am wearing the version with the veil though both are included, my subtle jewelry is from Zuri Jewelry. My parasol is actually a sky blue one from Junbug which I re-tinted, my pose is an older one that is designed to be used with parasols ( hooray for bento hands and being able to actually hold the parasol). The location I took this photo is in the garden area surrounding The White Armory – Silvan Moon Designs is the collaborative work of the owners/creators of The White Armory and Blue Moon Enterprise. As to the secret behind those rose colored lips- the Pink Fuel contribution to May Powder Pack.

SLurl to : Fantasy Gacha Carnival


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