Waiting for the clouds to clear

Halia, Azul @ Tropical Summer Fair

Waiting on Summer days filled with sunshine and laughter, waiting for the clouds to clear.

At the end of last week my father passed away, it was a peaceful passing but a sad one nonetheless . In a few days I will speak a tribute at his Funeral service, and perhaps the clouds will lighten just a little. Grief takes a toll, makes my world more grey than color filled, makes my mind distracted and my heart shaken. But I am strong and will go on, my father and mother are as much a part of me as they were at my conception. Their physical presence is no longer close but their spirits are always with me, and as my grief settles I will see the world of nature around me with their eyes, both so passionate about the natural beauty of our world.

Chinook hair, Tableau Vivant + Belleza Erin Lelutka applier

I am not quite yet ready to return to regular blogging, but I wanted to send out a message to those who still visit my blog, I will be returning. Meanwhile I wanted to share a little information about this lovely summery dress from Azul. You can currently find it at the Tropical Summer Fair until 16th June, I am showing off the Onyx Monsterra version as I found this leafy pattern so appealing, but you will find the Halia dress comes in a range of prints and colors. The dress comes in a range of fittings and includes a pair of brief shorts ( for modesty) , and the matching hairband.

My skin applier is the Lelutka Erin from Belleza, and I added a hint of makeup from the  Belleza Makeup applier for Erin available at The Liason Collaborative. This lovely windblown hairstyle is Chinook from Tableau Vivant, available in the current round of The Arcade. Poses are from Bauhaus Movement and the location is one of the many surf beaches you can find in the Destination guide. ( Sorry I didn’t grab the SLurl, but will update this in the weekend after life settles a bit more again).

Tropical Summer Fair Slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Byera%20Bay/61/218/21


2 thoughts on “Waiting for the clouds to clear

  1. I got very emotional reading your blog. Gosh I wish you so much strength to get through this period. I hope your family and friends can help you carry through it. Thinking of you ….

    • Thank you for your comment and your support. Yes I have had support from family and friends, though exhaustion caught up with me today and I had to put the phone on silent to sleep for a little.

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