I kid you not

I kid you not, @ Something New photo land

I had slipped over to NSP/ Muse recently and picked up their group gift for June, this lovely pastel sundress and matching shoes ( included in a range of sizes ) and decided my recently purchased Truth hair would work perfectly for this summery look. Taren which comes in versions with/out the floppy summer hat is available at the just opened round of Uber. I headed off to the Something New Photo Land, which has undergone a few changes recently.

The mainstore has been downsized and relocated to the Photoland, so now you can enjoy the fantastic photo settings and then wander into the store and look at the new poses and don’t forget those group gifts! I took the TP and found this cute little farmland area, and as I bent over to admire the blooms in this rustic wheelbarrow I felt a tug on my dress followed by a loud bleat- I kid you not! I just had to stop and pet the goats after that demand for attention , though I hesitated about getting closer to the kangaroos I did stop to admire the horses.

NSP/ Muse June group gift, Truth @ Uber

For these photos I used a couple older poses from Something New, the top is part of a cute pose n prop set called Lil Bo peeped and the other pose is one from the Blog my Essentials , a previous gacha event item.

SLurl: Something New – Props n poses Photoland : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rainbow%20Illuzion/91/53/23

SLurl: NSP/ Muse : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ATLaGeL%20TuRKiYe/78/126/25


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