Babewatch, SN - props n poses + EMO-tions HF gift

I decided to make the most of the sunshine and the beautiful Kanaloa Surf beach for my Babewatch try out photo shoot.( Slurl to the beach ).

What do you mean I have to swim.. it will get my suit  from Addams wet.. and my shoes.. take them off? No way these are the new group gift from Reign – I think I will just stay nice and dry and be a Babewatch babe from the shore.

What?? it is supposed to be a try out for Baywatch? Well I have this fantastic pose prop from Something New at the GG Sunshine & Seashells-Exclusive/Gacha Items [ July 8th -30th ]. Not enough? I can show you more poses.. even some rare ones with a guard tower!

I think I am much better at being a beach-babe than a life guard plus I don’t want to mess with these gorgeous curls from EMO-tions.. you can pick up yours FREE at the EMO-tions booth at Hair Fair 2017.  [


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