Welcome to 2018! I hope you had the Christmas you wished for and the Happy New Year you need. I have made a decision to continue with my blog but in a very relaxed fashion, I am going to blog older items and new releases that I purchase.

So during my short break I decided to go and explore Backdrop City , the sim at the centre of quite a heated debate regarding backdrops and whether they should be allowed to be rezzed for anyone to access. I have been very on the fence about this, seeing both sides – even though I had not been to check out the sim involved. I read the original post and then many of the follow up comments from various people, unfortunately there has been some backlash for the original poster when I believe that her original statement was made out of genuine concern not the desire to cause trouble. However after reading a LOT of opinions , which often became unkind, I realised how dangerous sharing an opinion can be, especially when you represent your store or are a visible representative brand. It does call into question how bloggers balance loyalty to stores that provide them with items, if they happen to have a difference of opinion about an external situation.  Anyway enough introspection on this matter, I decided to go and check out Backdrop City.

I rummaged around in my immense inventory and selected casual clothing from Addams, boots from Breathe and the newly released Truth VIP December gift, the backdrop I used is The Greenhouse Scene from Pseudo. I will add the SLurl to Backdrop City at the end, as I feel this is a wonderful resource for bloggers to access. It is well set out and spacious making it easy to see what’s available and select what you wish to use, this is fantastic for bloggers with limited space and overflowing inventories ( yes me lol). You do not have to belong to a group to access or use it and you are able to rezz items, but be considerate of other users and be sure to tidy up when you are finished. You will need to have either a pose hud or pose stand as these are predominantly backdrops without animations in them.There is a group which allows access to an additional platform with new /current releases, but currently I am enjoying exploring and discovering new items and re-discovering older scenes I had forgotten about. Which seems a good point to wrap up on, this shall be the focus of my blog – rediscovery and exploration.

SLurl to Backdrop City :


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