Not so dirty Harry

Harry's Hat

The start of this outfit was the fantastic embroidered jacket by Valentina E, which you can find in the gacha area of the current round of  Chapter 4. This is one of the common ones, others include various military badges – so I played until I had a variety. Yes I know I am a gacha addict, but also a V.e addict too. Other gacha items in this styling are the Princess Muff, an old gacha item from Junbug ( still available at the store, in the back rooms) and this fantastic Harry hat from the gacha at Deadwool. Although this is intended for men, it does have a re-size menu which allows you to get a better fit if you decide to acquire it for yourself ladies.  I was originally  playing the gacha for my male alt, but decided to keep this hat for Serenity ! The glimpse of hair you can see is Reprise from Stealthic.

The jeans are skinny fit zipper capris from Tetra and I found there was a perfect match in the hud for the Anouk boots that I picked up from Kokoia. You can select from a range of colours for various parts so I left the main boot a contrasting colour. Having such a close fit for the colour of the knit part of the boot meant that it blended with the jeans disguising any break throughs. I was wondering why there aren’t more jeans available with a knee-high fit for boots, if when you read this you know of any to suggest please drop a note in the comments section.

Location for the photo is at Backdrop City, this time in the Underground section, using the Cellardoor from Anxiety. The pose was an old one I had stored in a posing hud, I don’t have the specific name but it is from Manifeste. I played around with lighting a little , in-world and in editing which gave a slightly coppery sheen to the hat, it is more of a grey colour but as you can see the texturing is anything but plain so it will look fantastic in any lighting I am sure.

SLurl to Backdrop City  :


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