Home sweet home

My little hideaway, Orchard Heights

As promised a few quick photos of the lovely little cottage I am renting on one of the Orchard Heights sims. It is small but perfectly sized for one person and fully furnished, in all of these scenes the only thing I added was the cute little typewriter.

The downstairs area consists of a compact kitchen and cosy living area, whilst upstairs you will find the bed and a private bathroom area. Before choosing this accommodation I did look at a few other furnished properties, they were all decorated to suit the style of the property ; apartment, cottage, house. Orchard Heights has a range of sizes, furnished and un-furnished so there is a lot to choose from, thankfully they have very helpful support staff to assist. I would like to mention also, that the support doesn’t end on your decision to rent, I have had several friendly messages asking if I had settled in and if I had any questions. The provided information pack comes with lots of helpful tips, guidelines and landmarks of places around the community to visit.

Home sweet Home @ Orchard Heights

Other details include : MINA Hair – Luna ( recent VIP group gift), [M] Loose Cardigan [Maroon] (older item), Sweet tea Knee high socks and [trs] Work It Underwear set. Navy .

If you are interested in finding a home within the Orchard Heights community, or want to explore one of the 17 sims head here’s a SLurl to start your journey  :  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dutchies%20Coast/71/93/21


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