It has been a long overdue goal to update my blog. I thought that this part would be the first and easiest section to update, afterall I am still the same person in 2015 as I was in 2012 when I started this blog. Although that is true, there have been changes.

On a personal front my SL partner who became my RL partner for several years, returned to USA and we went our separate ways within SL too. I have returned to single status in both lives and at this point am not looking to change that, however that’s not to say I don’t enjoy SL romance and relationships . In RL my 2015 started off with the sad loss of my mother to cancer, this was sudden and unexpected and I am still coming to terms with her death.

Over the last 10 months my own health has been bumpy, I am still working to improve this but like so many of us SL residents I have good days and bad days with symptoms and exhaustion. Because of this I have been reduced to working when I feel able, a huge change from working virtually full time hours in a emotionally and physically demanding job. Perhaps this is my body’s way of enforcing I take better care. Either way the big goal for 2015 is to improve my health and regain the ability to work.

In SL I have had a lot of highlights and a few hiccups. I am still loving blogging and just recently posted my 900th post. My blog still covers a range of topics and items including the fantasy stylings I enjoy so much. I have been less involved in modelling over the last 6 months, but have helped to prepare and host several shows – a different direction which I have enjoyed. At the end of 2014 I stepped into the role of Blogging Manager at Zuri’s Jewelry ( Zuri Rayna), and am enjoying working in a hard working team.

SL goals for this year? Well I would love to be accepted as a Fantasy Faire blogger this year.. so will apply again with fingers crossed. Regardless of whether I get a positive response I will continue to blog this and many other special events that occur throughout the SL year.

Looking at this I realised it’s past time I update my about page, it’s already over the half way point of 2017! Anyone who has been reading some of my posts will see how the year has slipped away from me, with the concern, care and then loss of my father to cancer in June.  My focus for most of the year has been my real life and now I am just starting to get back to enjoying some time regularly in SL. My own health is still unsettled but I continue to keep positive about trying new options to control pains and minimise exhaustion.  I am looking forward to Summer in NZ and within SL, spending more time exploring sims and having fun with blogging to share what I find.

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