Desert blooms

Desert blooms

Varvara is the name of this recent release at Sascha’s Designs, available in a range of colours I have selected this soft dreamy apricot. As with many of Sascha’s releases there are different options included so you have a variety of ways to wear this gown. The base is a mesh dress in Belleza, Slink and Fitmesh options, there is also included a Autohide object so I added this and selected the Slink version to wear on the Maitreya body, I was really happy with the result.

Varvara gown, apricot, Sascha's Designs

Add-on options include the ruff for the neckline, two different sleeve versions and two skirt variations these add-ons are not mesh and add a lovely movement to this gown. The front of the gown, sleeves and skirt hems all feature a floral motif , with a subtle sparkling effect on the bodice. I found an older LODE item in my inventory which appealed with the similar colours and garden theme.

Sascha's Designs + Lode+ Essences+ Monso

Continuing on with gacha items the #03 Essences [MochiP02] Catwa applier is from the current round of Pocket Gacha. If you haven’t checked out this new version of gacha play, I recommend you give it a try – you buy credits or let the hud access your L balance to allow you to play, then you can play the gacha anywhere you like ( though I do recommend you find a relatively lag free location). You have the option to play for individual chances to win of no copy/ transfer items ( as for a usual gacha machine) but you also have the option to purchase a full set that is copy/no transfer.

Other details: Catwa Kimberly mesh head, Maitreya body. Avi Glam Vivid Eyes – Catwa Applier – Night, [monso] My Hair – Daisy/ Brown, Pose: Nightshade 3, Infiniti ( old gacha item)-includes falling petals.

SLurl for Sascha’s Designs :

SLurl for Avi Glam :

Location for photo :  Whole Wheat



Just Because you’re worth it

Yeva gown, Azul

Just Because is the name of a popular clothing store in SL, but it’s also the name of a newly released ring from Zuri Jewelry. But first I want to mention this gorgeous gown from Azul, Yeva combines the best of mesh and flexi add-ons in a delicious froth of lace that swirls as you move. Available in a range of colours , it also includes a range of fittings so whether you use a mesh body in SL or not you will be able to enjoy this glamorous evening wear.

SLurl to Azul :

I’ve included a close up to show of the floral detailed pearl necklace that is included with the gown plus the sparkling ring that is Just Because. Zuri Jewelry has these beauties available in a range of colour combinations at the mainstore . If you are extra lucky you may be treated to one just because someone special knows you’re worth it.. or treat yourself. There is also the option to purchase an Elite version of the ring which allows you to select from a range of different metals for the setting and different gems for the main jewel as well as the smaller ones along the band.

Now is a great time to make a visit to Zuri Jewelry as they celebrate their store Anniversary with special sales and hunts in the mainstore and other Jewels Isle stores, see the blog for more information:

SLurl to Zuri Jewelry :

Yeva, Azul ( necklace incl with gown) + Just Because ring, Zuri Jewelry

Other details, Sadie ( catwa applier) from League , on Kimberly Bento head, hair is Reprise from Stealthic and eyes from Avi Glam.

Who’ll stop the rain

Who'll stop the rain

Long as I remember the rain been comin’ down
Clouds of mystery pourin’ confusion on the ground.
Good men through the ages tryin’ to find the sun.
And I wonder still I wonder who’ll stop the rain.

I love exploring SL locations that are scenic and interesting, I stumbled over a new to me place and was thrilled to discover RAIN. In RL I am more than a bit frustrated with the amount of rain we have had lately, but in SL it is a great to find sims with weather settings. So grab the SLurl if you are in the mood to explore this fantastic place :

Maggie outfit, Sascha's Designs

The clothing for my exploration is from Sascha’s Designs, a fantastic layered outfit that could be worn almost anytime of the year.  The trench length vest/coat features a wonderful knit cable texture and add on collar, with a hud to choose from a range of colours you can also select a contrasting colour for the inner lining. The hud also allows you to select a colour for the undershirt or to hide it completely. The long vest includes both Slink sizes, Maitreya and all three Belleza fits. The included pants are on Omega or Maitreya applier and come in either black or white.

SLurl to Sascha’s Designs :

Camila Catwa applier Avi Glam

Avi Glam is making gorgeous skins as frequently as their stunning eyes! You can pick up the newest – Camila, a Catwa applier, in a range of skin tones for 01 to 12, at the current Cosmopolitan Sales room. Remember that you can find the matching skin tones for your body ( uses omega) from Amara Beauty, and enjoy the great price at this event- you may even want to invest in several different skin tones. Avi Glam is also ‘behind’ these beautiful Chocolate brown eyes , you will find the Charm eyes at the Avi Glam mainstore.

Cosmopolitan SLurl :

Avi Glam SLurl :

Other details Catwa Kimberly head, Maitreya Lara body, Wakana hair by Argrace and Anna boots from Pure Poison. Oops I forgot to make notes of the poses.


Iona the fair

SMD Iona @ We <3 RP Nov

The November round of We Love Roleplay ( We ❤ RP) is open and Silvan Moon Designs has released another gorgeously detailed mesh outfit for ” everyday” RP wear, after all not everyday is a formal ball even in roleplay.  This lovely layered dress has the option to add the leather jerkin and wrist guards or leave plain and enjoy the ombre style fabric.

SLurl to We Love Roleplay :

I’ve actually included three different Lode pieces from different gachas for this picture,  Hand Accessory – Spiderwort Bouquet [blue],* Head Accessory – Fuchsia Crown [painting] RARE
and Head Accessory – Passiflora [pastel violet]. These are all older gacha items however you can find most of their past gacha machines available at the store.

The hair is Truth’s October group gift, I love that there is a full range of color huds AND lately styling huds too, give you so many different ways to wear one hairstyle, a really generous group gift. On top of that, it is the 1st anniversary for the Truth VIP group so there is a 250L credit gift this month ( available in the store for a few days only, wear your group tag at the time).


Lode + Truth+ Avi Glam

Other body details are the same as recent previous posts, Maitreya, Catwa, [session] and Avi Glam. These beautiful eyes are the Natural eyes from AG that you can find at Shiny Shabby ( I realised after I had multiple pairs of eyes on so the pupil part of the eye which should be black appears more golden – sorry about the misleading effect).

Poses: Gypsy, Purple Poses

Location for photos :

Almost nude or mostly nude?

Magic words

A fun post inspired by these great towels from Faida at the current Gacha Garden event.

Body details: Kimberly Catwa Bento head, Maitreya Lara body, AnnaBelle  from [session] skins, AG. Enchanted Eyes – Catwa Applier – Pack 2 and [monso] My Hair – Hwee .

Other items include: alme. Nudes Gacha – COMMON 9 ( also from Gacha Garden), N-core DONNA “Nude,  Poses: Nude 1, Fruct0se and Nude 25, BeBo.  See  there is lots of NUDE!

Almost nude.. or mostly nude

There’s a little Devil in all of us

A little Devilish

I want to get this post completed so that I share the news promptly about another worthwhile cause that’s behind an upcoming event in SL – For the Love of the Devil.

I was fortunate to have early access to the event, and although most of the designers were still setting up when I stopped by I can see this is going to be a great opportunity to get some fantastic items whilst supporting a fellow SLer through some difficult times. Items I picked up include the Kimmy hair from Mina and the  Love the Devil Necklace from [Cynful] ( multi color options via hud). I won’t include the SLurl until after the event opens so be sure to stop back or check out the FB page : .

For the love of the Devil Event- Publicity information

“This year, in May and June a friend of many in Secondlife, Andrea Damone (Devil Damone) went in for what should have been a very routine surgery. But things did not go to plan, and Andrea spent many weeks in an induced coma fighting for her life.
We are blessed that she has fought her way back and although her recovery continues, she is home and getting stronger by the week. Unfortunately the cost of keeping Andrea with us has fallen on her greatly. She has many expenses and bills resulting from this ordeal that she has to now face, while continuing to maintain her determination and fighting spirit through physical and emotional therapy.

Andrea had no idea of our plans, but many of her friends have wanted to do something to help. It’s hard in Secondlife to offer support, when often we are so far away from a friendly hug, or a knock on the door with offerings of support. We decided, what we can do is try to help her with the burden of these expenses the only way we can.

“For the love of the Devil” which we found fitting as her Secondlife name is Devil 🙂 (Although it should be angel ♥)

Event start: November 4th

All proceeds will be going directly to Andrea to cover her medical costs. ♥”

Mina + Cynful @ Love of the Devil - COMING soon

Other items in this post:  Kimberly Catwa mesh head, Maitreya Lara body, AnnaBella applier [session] skins. Avi Glam Natural eyes fatpack currently available at Shiny Shabby. Luas Bunny Maids Body and Gloves Red & Black ( separate pieces) and Meva Photo Box Spheres, RARE both @ current Gacha Garden event. Oceane -Witchy Woo Lipsticks Fat Pack- Catwa and REIGN.- Luxe Thigh High Pumps, pose used is from the Fade to Black set, Bauhaus Movement.

Rubies forever

Falling Snow hairpins ( Elite) and jewelry set Ruby/bronze by Zuri Jewelry

Zuri Jewelry released the Falling Snow set ( comprising of necklace, earrings and bracelet) around this time last year. The  snow flake shape is beautiful and delicate so perfect to wear anytime of the year. In these pictures I am showing the Ruby/ Bronze combination but there are lots more to select from . Zuri is about to release the co-ordinating hairpins as an elite version, meaning you can change the colour of both the gems and the metals with a large assortment to select from. These hairpins are unrigged, meaning you can adjust them to sit on different hairstyles but they still follow your movements ( they don’t float weirdly when you move) and are copy so you can make duplicates and adjust positions.

SLurl to Zuri Jewelry:

Avi Glam has released another gorgeous fatpack of eyes at the current round of Shiny Shabby, the Natural eyes come with the usual options of Catwa, Lelutka, Omega appliers and a pair of mesh eyes with hud. The colours included range from a soft blue, through green into some gorgeous browns.

SLurl to Shiny Shabby:

Rubies forever

Other details, the hairstyle is an earlier release from .:EMO-tions:. * ALESSIA *, the skin is the AnnaBelle applier ( Catwa) from Sessions, gown is JustBECAUSE~PhoebeGown~Red~ and the poses are from an lar [poses].

SLurl to photo location:

Haven’s Moon

Haven's Moon, SN ( Oct group gift)+ Basia gown, Azul

Haven’s Moon is the name of the Something New October group gift, this single person pose includes the Moon prop. As there are only a few more days of October left you should race over to the mainstore  and join up if you aren’t a group member already don’t delay , free to join.  SLurl to Something New :

The Basia gown from Azul comes with wrist ribbon detail and matching ribbon decorated headpiece. Available in a range of 15 colours plus 1 limited to MP, sizing details ; Fitted Mesh Dresses(Belleza,Slink,Standard Sizes) Non Rigged Mesh Headpiece, Non Rigged Mesh Arm Bows . SLurl to Azul :


Avi Glam - Devilish Gacha @ Dark Style Fair

I am really excited about the skin and eyes shown in this picture, both are from Avi Glam as a gacha ( Catwa) at The Dark Style Fair.  The skin is one of two rares and the eyes come in 10 devilish colours in two separate versions ( white or black surrounding the iris). SLurl to Dark Style Fair : – event open until November 4th.

Other details: Catwa Kimberly Bento head, Maitreya body, MINA Hair – Ava-Lin (materials) – October M M offer 2, alme. Chrome Trends – Basic – HUD

Location SLurl :

Union of Souls

SMD Union of Souls gown- COMING soon

I went wandering in the absolutely gorgeous grounds of The White Armory to shoot these photos, if you haven’t wandered around I highly recommend it it’s so beautiful. The gown worn in these photos is from Silvan Moon Designs ( The collaboration between TWA and Blue Moon Enterprise) and will be available at the upcoming Trunk Show which opens on October 19th. The Union of Souls gown will be available in a range of dramatically dark colours which are perfect for this Halloween season. The gown is in a Maitreya fit and a standard size , includes optional chest piece décor and sheer cape.

I found a perfect match for this gown in the luscious Lilith Headdress from Zuri Jewelry, you will find this piece ( complete with spiders) in a range of colours at the mainstore. SLurl to Zuri Jewelry :

Other items of note , I chose the eerily beautiful Albinism eye colour of the previously released Charm eyes , find them at the Avi Glam mainstore ( for purchase individually or as a fatpack). SLurl to Avi Glam :

The skin tone used is a very pale one from Essences, that I picked up at the current sale. Selected appliers for Catwa, Lelutka and TMP are at the super low price of 100L. You will find these grouped together on the first room on your right as you enter, you have until the 23rd October to grab up these specials. Hair is Taren from Truth, makeup is the Catwa version of the Aquatica” makeup palette from Alaskametro. Poses used were from the Jessi set from Verocity.


Lilith Spider headdress, Zuri Jewelry  SLurl to The White Armory to explore their grounds and items on sale :

Sakide casts a spell for Something New

Hocus Pocus, SN @ Hocus Pocus Cart Sale

Sakide store has relocated, and as a special treat for their customers there is a sale going on NOW – 50% Off everything in the new mainstore, except gachas. From October 6th to 12th… so don’t leave it too long! This super cute mini skirt and top is the Plaid Fashion Outfit a cute and sexy outfit with a HUD to change between 8 colors combinations. Sizes included: XXS, XS, S, M, L sizes.Belleza, Eve Body, Maitreya, Slink, TMP, Tonic.

SLurl to NEW Sakide mainstore:

A Scorn Witches brew SN @ Hocus Pocus Cart Sale

Something New owners and creators LOVE Halloween, there is a wealth of spooky opportunities around the grid and at Something New mainstore too. I headed to the Fright Cabin at the SN Photoland to shoot these two spell casting pose props. Both Hocus Pocus and A Scorned Witches Brew are exclusives available at the Hocus Pocus Cart Sale. There  is also a hunt and a super low priced pose / prop for only 10L.

SLurl to the Cart Sale :

SLurl to Something New Photoland and Halloween Store:

Emily Catwa applier, Avi Glam

Finally a close up without additional photo-editing to show off the gorgeous Emily Catwa applier from Avi Glam. This skin is available in 7 skin tones , which match the Amara Beauty body appliers. Emily was released at the September round of Comsopolitan so be sure to head to the Avi Glam mainstore to check out a demo. While there check out the range of eyes/ eye appliers, I have really been enjoying the Charm eyes, shown here in Gold. SLurl to Avi Glam:

Before I close off, I should mention the hairstyle with optional hat is  Break the Rules from Exile. Also there’s a glimpse of Avi Candy’s Ripped Over the Knee socks- neutrals, the boots not shown unfortunately due to poses but I had a great pair of Alice Boots from lassitude & ennui.