Now I know my A,B,C..

I’ve decided to reivsit this challenge I set myself based on the letters of the alphabet. In the initial challenge I gave myself the goal of finding a colour for every letter of the alphabet and creating a photo using as much of that colour as I could. THIS time I’ve decided to spread my wings and get around the grid a bit more and explore.

So my new alphabet challenge, find a new place to visit and share , I will follow the alphabet as previous and will seek out places I have never visited before. They could be a store, a club, a place with things to do or see. I will include a slurl to each place I visit as well as photograph and a brief run down of what I saw or did there. Feel free to start challenging yourself to explore this great big grid of ours and post your own Alphabet visits in the comments area , if you like.

Let’s get started, today I begun by searching A.. well that was pointless , so instead I looked at the destination guide hoping to stumble across a place that began with A.. Artists for SL.

River Foxglove
River Foxglove

Arriving in a large grey cement warehouse I was a bit unsure about what I would find or even where to go. I  soon realised that there were several floors of rooms showcasing photos/artworks of SL artists and then happily wandered from room to room admiring the range of very creative works on display.

Anita Witt
Anita Witt

I snapped a couple pictures to give you a glimpse of the range but really it’s best to experience it yourself.

Art explorer

I chose to slip into comfortable clothes and flat shoes to enjoy a leisurely stroll around and found I had a shirt that perfectly complements the delicate colour of Pure by [Yoon Beauty], check out the subtle make up on the close up below.

Pure, Yoon Beauty

Skin::: Pure 2 :: SnowPale brune Makeup, [YOON SKIN]
Hair:Lory Mesh Hair – Night shadow, /Wasabi Pills/ ( @ The Arcade)
Eyes:Lucid Eyes – Machine, IKON
Makeup:Eyelashes -39- Luscious *REDGRAVE*
Top:Node Shirt Salmon , [LF] ( comes with LTA)
Shorts:High Waist Shorts – COAL, {EPIC}
Shoes:square toe flat shoes – big ribbon – black, ::{u.f.o}:: ( @ Gala #2 gacha)