FF: Family and Friends

The small traveling party stepped through the portal and onto a quiet street, looking around them Lily noticed a large building with a sign ‘Poppetsborough Public Library’. She was about to cross the street to take a closer look when their new friend stopped her, “Wait.. stop right there” he cautioned. He tilted his head and with a smile, turned towards a small lane beside them, all is quiet and still around them so Lily and Ayla shrugged their shoulders and waited. With a soft tingling of a bell and an almost silent whirring sound a small bicycle appeared on the street ridden at great speed by a young kitten.

little brother

“It’s my little brother” explained the, only slightly bigger, cat who they had met in the woods. The kitten came to stop before them a slight frown on his young face, but as he looked up he gave an excited shout and smiled at his brother. All of a sudden he burst into a jumble of words that were spoken so fast Ayla had trouble understanding anything and Lily just looked confused. When his older brother just nodded, the little kitten took off riding his bike as fast as his little legs could pedal. The trio stood still a moment , then the cat ran across the street he was about to disappear behind a building when he looked back, “Come” he said and motioning that Lily and Ayla should follow he began to run down a series of narrow streets . He arrived in a small backyard outside a house just as the door was flung open wide.

Older sister

From the house emerged a lady carrying a bag, she dropped the bag and fell to her knees to hug the cat from the forest. She explained that one of their cousins was about to have her babies and that she had to rush away to help. Lily watched with surprise as a transformation happened right in front of her – the lady who stood before them was now covered in a pale gingery fur. With a quick wave to the kitten who had just arrived on his bike their older sister dashed away without another word, leaving her brothers to invite their guests in.


same sister

The evening passed quickly with warm food and much telling of tails, and soon everyone settled down to sleep. The morning brought news of a healthy litter of 5 kittens when a very tired older sister returned home. Lily and Ayla decided it was time to continue their journey once more so making quiet but heart felt fond farewells they left the home of the cat family and returned to the streets of Poppetsborough. Finding themselves not far from where they had arrived in the town Lily turned towards the large library, Ayla smiled as her friend stood in awe at the entrance way constructed of towers of books.

There was a soft rustling sound and an unusual looking girl stepped forward, this time it was Ayla who was most caught unaware as she was close enough to notice that the girl was as flat as .. well as a piece of paper. The girl didn’t say a word but stepped closer to Lily with a smile, still silent she reached out and motioned toward a book upon a shelf. Lily drew the book out and carefully opened it, it was a book of maps and she was surprised to see it included pictures of many places that she and Ayla had been to, in fact there was a map of Poppetsborough complete with a picture of a family of cats outside a small house. Lily looked at the papergirl with confusion, but the girl just smiled and nodded, moving her hand over the book she turned the page unveiling a location that was unfamiliar to Lily.


Poppetsborough guide

Ayla stepped closer and looked at the pictures decorating the page, noticing exotic buildings with a fierce looking dragon atop the tallest. She went to turn the page so as not to alarm Lily with the sight of such an enormous creature but the girl of paper rested her hand over the page patting it gently she raised her other hand and touched Lily’s arm. Lily placed her hand on the book and the girl nodded , looked to Ayla and nodded again. Ayla sighed and removing her smooth stone once more whispered ” Take us to there”, a bright violet portal appeared beside them. The girl who had appeared so silent until now spoke clearly to Lily ” Take this book , it is yours”, then stepped away waving with a smile as the two travelers stepped into the vibrant light and disappeared.

1 Little brother
Body: Dinkies silver tabby body v1.2
Clothing: dinkies dark dungarees ns
dinkies tshirt for dungarees ns
Accessory: Pan’s DINKIE Steampunk Bike (‘Add’ – DO NOT ‘Wear)
2 Older sister
Hair: Jay Mesh Hair – FEM – Ember, /Wasabi Pills/
Body: ShapeShifter FemaleCatBrown, Yabusaka
ShapeShifter ShiftHUD
Clothing: . Coil . RFL . Fitted, The Muses
Jewelry: Yggdrasil Amulet, Zyn

3 Papergirl
DDDF – PoppeRana Purple RARE

Fair Play: El Mundo

DoggMata and Jinx @ Fairplay

It’s here! The 1st of July and Fair Play is only hours away from opening. This round is based around El Mundo an ancient game with four sections in a circle representing the seasons, clusters of designers are grouped around these seasonal hubs. I am so excited to be blogging for this event so time to talk about some of the items you will find there. The Elven Stone bench from DoggMata is one of the exclusives that you will be able to find there, it’s packed with seating animations but as I wanted to show off my dress I decided to stand.

The Gweneth dress from Jinx (DD) is available in a choice of colors, this is the pastel option. Included are the shoes for wearing with Slink high feet, I really like the detail that is used on both items a fun blend of exotic and fantasy.


Earthstones at Fair Play

The last item from my photos that is featured at Fair Play are the delicate armlets from EarthStones, These are available in three stone options and are resizeable and metal change by menu.

Fair Play Logo

Blog Link : http://alice066.wix.com/fairplay

Slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hubunny/51/113/4082

Skin: Adore, Rosy, Dreamer, Lumae
Body: Slink Visage Mesh Head – Emma V2.1
Slink Physique Mesh Body V2.3.1
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – Casual
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High V2.1
Hair: Surprise, Magika
Eyes:Sovereign Eyes – Starfall , IKON
Clothing:Gweneth Dress – Pastel ( includes shoes for Slink high feet), Jinx (DD) ( @ Fair Play)
Jewelry: Calliope Armlet – Lovely , EarthStones ( @ Fair Play)
Furniture: Elven stone bench, DoggMata ( Fair Play exclusive)
Poses: Giz, *PosESioN*


Making memories day by day

Serenity Style, EMO-tions, Vivi and Bueno

So often when we talk of memories we mean the ” big things” in life – weddings , graduations, birth of a baby, moving house. I’m not saying these aren’t important memories but rather sometimes we need to take time to reflect on the small stuff too. For a long time I thought I couldn’t really remember much of the small stuff, especially about my childhood. But when my mother died and my family and I spent time sorting and packing away her belongings lots of smaller memories came flooding back. As we sorted we each chose some items that meant something special to us, that had some memory attached to it. I chose an almost full bottle of the Panache perfume my Mum wore up until I was about 12, her favorite ring ( other than her wedding and engagement rings) which she wore all the time, her old leather book mark, a cassette tape of classical music that I remember her and I dancing to .  Other than the ring , these items weren’t particularly memorable to any of the other members of my family but they were for me. It’s not that I need a reminder of those precious times of love and happiness that I shared with my mother, but sometimes in the busy days of getting on with life , it helps to have something solid to hold onto that takes me back to dancing around the living room , laughing together and making memories.

The base for my photo and musings today is the setting from Serenity Style which has been available at Chapter 4 this month. Three pieces of furniture with decor reminiscent of collections of items that may be your memory treasures. There are so many decor items ( especially gacha) that I could have added to personalize these but I thought it would be best this time to show them as they are.

As I am wearing my full Slink body I appreciated the omni hud that comes as part of {ViVi} clothing (along with the system layers). On the hud there are options for Lolas, Wowmeh, Lena, Slink, and Omega, so you are well and truly covered if you wear a mesh body or not. This cute corset top was released a couple months ago now, but it is perfect for wearing in the height of summer with jeans or a skirt – actually that description fits so many of the items that you can find at the {ViVi} mainstore.

Skin:Laura b1″ MIXEDTYPE ( for Slink Visage) DeeTaleZ
Body: Slink Visage Mesh Head – Emma V2.1
Slink Physique Mesh Body V2.3.1
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – Casual
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High V2.1
Hair:* HAYDEN * ,.:EMO-tions:. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hells%20End/134/145/25
Eyes:Charm Eyes – Burnt , IKON
Clothing: Freya- Floral corset tank, black, {ViVi} http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wilde%20Island/36/141/23
Summer Skirt -Slink-Gray, Bueno
Accessories: Envelope Clutch (Gray/Gold) – R Pose, 1992
Shoes: KNOTTED SnakeSkin “Black” for SLink High Feet, N-core ( instore gacha includes shoes for N-core Xtreme , Slink, Belleza, Maitreya, TMP feet)
Poses: Shy Chic, Picture This!
Furniture: Time Memory Collection, Serenity Style (@ The Chapter 4, June )- WLTB

Janie’s got a gun

Ingrid dress, appear @ Sneak Peak

Appear has released a sexy dress for the current round of Sneak Peak, available there until July 5th the Ingrid dress is packed with attitude and options.


collage Ingrid

I created a small collage of some of the color/ pattern combinations available with this hud. As you can see the dress can either be worn one fabric or two, selecting between plain or floral lace, there are 10 colors for each option – so yes 40 different versions to choose from! This rigged Mesh dress is in standard sizes: XXS – XS – S – M – L, and has the option for enabling /disabling the materials effect. One feature of clothing from appear which I have not shown here due to my shorter hairstyle, is that many including this one are glitch free for hair overlap, as anyone who photographs regularly will agree this is such a wonderful advantage when choosing your clothing.

Makeup by Slackgirl

Now a little information about some of the other items shown in my photos today. I have recently seen SlackGirl makeup appearing at events and had purchased a couple products, I especially like that they often are designed to be worn with mesh heads so include an applier but also have system layer makeup included. SlackGirl was to be one of the participants in an event I am blogging but due to changes the make up shown here will now be found at the mainstore for SLackGirl, so grab the SLurl below.

The last item I want to ‘rave’ about are my shoes! I had picked these up at an event a while ago but never blogged them before – but I love them! Remarkable Oblivion creates dramatic eyecatching pieces that are memorable for their creativity as well as how detailed they are. These shoes included materials and non materials versions.. AND… the barrels in the gun turn! Remarkable Oblivion has been having a sale recently, so if you have a moment you might like to race over and see if it’s still on.


Shoes by Remarkable Oblivion

Skin: Megan (Brows2) brown Mixedtype, DeeTaleZ
Hair: Freya Mesh Hair – Night shadow, /Wasabi Pills/
Eyes: Charm Eyes – Black, IKON
Body: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 Casual
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High V2.1
Clothing: Ingrid Dress, appear  @ Sneak Peak http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wedding/122/90/2658
MakeUp: DramaEye 08 SlackGirl – includes both system layer and LeLutka applier @ Mainstore  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sun%20Dream/111/109/22
DramaLips 06 SlackGirl– includes both system layer and LeLutka applier @ Mainstore
Accessories: Assasins Holster L (Colt) ( BLACK ), Obscure
Shoes: Compensator Heel – Black (Materials), Remarkable Oblivion
Poses: Giz, *PosESioN*

FF: Roaming Free

Arriving in yet another shaded woodland area the two adventurers , as Lily now thought of herself and Ayla, were surprised to hear voices shouting. Positioning themselves behind some thick bushy plants they peered through the branches at the drama unfolding under a large tree. Two men, both armed with weapons, were arguing whilst before them stood a small furry animal with a long tail. Ayla motioned Lily to stay there quietly as she crept forward to try and understand the men’s words. The man with the sword at his side pulled it from the scabbard and motioned towards the creature, whatever he was saying made the animal tremble. As the sword was raised Ayla picked up a branch and threw it as far away from her as she could whilst moving as silently as possible back towards Lily.


wild or free

The two men looked towards the noise coming from the bushes and Ayla grabbed Lily’s hand tugging her towards the opposite direction as fast as possible. The two has just stopped to catch their breaths behind a big tree when a blur of white streaked past them. Lily watched in surprise as it turned and nodded at them before motioning them closer with a paw, cautiously Lily and Ayla moved around a large oak tree just in time to see the small creature’s tail disappear into some bushes tangled around the roots.


Where is he going?

They found themselves in a surprisingly spacious cavern hollowed out under the massive tree, although it was quite dark at least it was warm and out of sight. The three sat quietly waiting and listening until they were sure that the sounds of the forest had settled with no sounds of pursuit from the men. Ayla thanked the creature for providing them a safe place to hide and in turn the young cat thanked them for providing a distraction to allow him to escape. He explained that though there was no food where they were, he would happily invite them to his family home in the nearby town where they could rest comfortably and safely before continuing on their way in the morning. Lily looked shaken by the sight of the armed men so Ayla shook her head and said they would hide where they were a little longer then continue on their own, their host would have less chance of being seen alone she reasoned to him.

The cat stood and stretched moving to a shadowed part of the wall he brushed a few roots aside to uncover a narrow tunnel, apparently this connected to a series of underground passages that he and his family used to move safely between town and forest. Unfortunately it was very evident that it was far too small for even Lily to fit into, she frowned and then whispered something to Ayla. With a smile Ayla passed Lily the smooth stone , Lily took the little cats paw and placed it atop of the stone which she cradled carefully in her palm. ” Think of your home, and tell the stone you want to go home”. With a tilt of his head the cat did as he was bid, his eyes widening in amazement as a shimmering indigo light appeared in front of them. With a happy laugh Lily motioned him to follow as she stepped through, and with one last look at the under tree cavern that had saved them Ayla followed the pair.


Yes Fantasy Faire 2015 was finished months ago, but I haven’t completed my story that I started despite my best intentions. So I will make sure that I finish! After this post I have three more fantasy themed posts specifically featuring items that were at Fantasy Faire, now head to the mainstores to see if you can buy these fantastic items.


Details: ( on left)
Skin: Ooh-la-licious/Giovanni/Chocolate/Bald with Ooh-la-licious/Heavy Goatee 1 Tattoo
Shape: 7 Deadly s{K}ins – DAMIEN modded
Hair: Jay Mesh Hair – MALE – Licorice, /Wasabi Pills/
Eyes: Woodsprite , AB
Clothing: Barbarian black, Gypsy Wolf Creations
Boots: Sherrod boot , ( from other outfit worn in this post), Feyline Fashions
Details: ( on right)
Skin: Ooh-la-licious/Giovanni/Coffee/Bald with Ooh-la-licious/Chinstrap Tattoo
Shape: 7 Deadly s{K}ins – DAMIEN modded
Hair: Hairbase included with Giovanni skin
Eyes: Woodsprite , AB
Clothing: Ranger Sherrod Forest, Feyline Fashions ( includes boots , hat, bow shown)
Poses: Morris, vestige
Tiny fox, Burgundy Marble, [WoO]

Picnic in Paris with Sakide


Sakide celebrates summer with a sweet mesh slip dress in 8 different colors, each has a hud allowing you to select from three different colors for the top part of the dress. This dress is currently available at the FamouStation Event which is centered around the theme Paris for this round. When you pick  up your favorite Bagatelle dress remember to grab the matching Slink (high) compatible wedges also. The fabric straps, narrow bands and the wedge base are all changeable giving you a variety of styles to choose from to complement your dress.


Slink visage+ DeeTaleZ+ EMO-tions

Today I decided to show a clearer close up of my face whilst wearing the Slink Visage ( mesh head) with the Laura skin by DeeTaleZ.  I decided not to wear makeup this time other than the subtle lip color that is one of the options with the skin applier. I am glad I stopped to pick up a hair base for my mesh head as when this new hairstyle arrived from EMO-tions it completed my look.

Skin:Laura b1″ MIXEDTYPE ( for Slink Visage) DeeTaleZ
Body: Slink Visage Mesh Head – Emma V2.1
Slink Physique Mesh Body V2.3.1
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – Casual
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High V2.1
Hair: * KESSIE *,.:EMO-tions:. – NEW http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hells%20End/134/145/25
Eyes:Promise Eyes – Mahogany , IKON
Clothing: Bagatelle Dress Red , [ SAKIDE ] ( @ FamouStation- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Famous/184/32/2539)
Shoes: Bagatelle Wedges ( for Slink high feet), [ SAKIDE ]
Accessories: Straw Tote Bag – Dark Brown, {mon tissu}
Pose: Ravissante, Di’s Opera

Elegant Emily

Emily, as gown, peach Carries Lingerie

I decided that as I have now purchased several mesh heads ( Lelutka and Fiore) there really was no reason for me to resist the lure to going back to try the demo at Slink again. In this post I am head to toe ‘slinkified’ and honestly I couldn’t resist the opportunity to show off some more Carries lingerie. Emily was released a little while ago and I fell in love with this gown/ sexy teddy combination all over again. I slipped into a soft shimmery peach and used the appliers for my Slink body, I admit I may need to tweak my shape a little more to be 100% happy with how I look when wearing the physique and visage together but I am getting close. The outfit includes stockings and gloves , plus appliers for both of course, and you can buy coordinating shoes separately (both standard SL shoes and Slink high versions are available).

Emily, teddy ( slink applier) peach, Carries Lingerie

With a few clicks my gown became a super sheer high cut teddy, to me this is really when wearing a mesh body makes all the difference. The standard SL flesh never achieves such curves and smooth lines. In my first two photos I posed using some single poses I picked up at the Something New pose store, these are from the Calendar girl collection. The last photo is from Something Erotic -Props n Poses and is available for a few more days at the

Swett ballerina pose prop, Something Erotic

Skin:Laura b1″ MIXEDTYPE ( for Slink Visage) DeeTaleZ
Body: Slink Visage Mesh Head – Emma V2.1
Slink Physique Mesh Body V2.3.1
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – Casual
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High V2.1
Hair: URARA – Black [Fitted], *ARGRACE*
Eyes: Odyssey Eyes – Wraith, IKON
Clothing: Emily – peach, Carries Lingerie ( gown and teddy, system layers, omega and slink appliers included ) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Carries%20Dreams/83/129/22
Makeup: DeeTaleZ HUD for Slink Visage “Eyeshadow Laura b1″ MIXEDTYPE
Shoes: Emily (Slink High) Heels Peach, Carries Lingerie
Poses: Calendar girl poses- April and June, Something New  @ mainstore http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bleerslaw/234/142/475
Pose/prop: Sweet Ballerina , Something Erotic ( @ Indulgence- BDSM & Kink Fair until 30th June-  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lovers%20PlayGround%20SexBed/177/201/24)

NB I have updated this post by re-shooting my first photo, I had accidentally missed off the prim part of the gown. Thank you so much to Bella for the gently asked question of .. uh where’s the rest of the dress lol. No she didn’t ask it like that but when I looked at the photo again it was my thought, I must have been dressing in the dark hehe. My apologies for incorrectly showing this lovely outfit.





























A bouquet of brides

wedding couple

June is Wedding month at the Jewels Isle sim where Zuri Jewelry is located. Many of the stores on this sim have released special items and placed free gifts, all based around weddings. I have been promising to share some photos of these so today I have a lot of pictures, including the above one where I dragged Darius to the studio. Well it was worth it to show off the romantic pose from Something New , We Belong Together is the current group gift at the mainstore. Now onto more photos and details below each pair of photos to hopefully make it easier, also items marked with a ♥ are available at a special price at Jewels Isle until the end of June. SLurl to Jewels Isle : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jewels%20Isle/196/193/25

Lornna wedding gown, MAAI  / Hezabel Jewelry collection Zuri Jewelry
Lornna wedding gown, MAAI / Hezabel Jewelry collection Zuri Jewelry

Skin:Artemis – Jamaica 03 F,Glam Affair
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
Hair: * KARMA*/darkbrown, .:EMO-tions:. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hells%20End/134/145/25
Eyes: Odyssey Eyes – Evening, IKON ( available @ current TMD)
Clothing: Lornna wedding gown , MAAI http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Banana%20Twist/126/125/103
Jewelry:Miss Mundo 2012~Hezabel~ Diamond/Plat set and Miss Mundo 2012 Diamond- Ring, Zuri Jewelry
Shoes: Janna Heels – White & Silver – Maitreya, Pure Poison ( @ current Kustom9)

Pose: We Belong Together, Something New– group gift http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bleerslaw/219/160/508

Used in all photos:
Decor: Wedding Urn Simple White, Pink and Zain’s Wedding Shop
White Wedding Complete Set, Kaerri ♥ ( WLTB group)
Wall Texture *Celestial Day* Mint 2, Irries Dollhouse ( WLTB group)

Tiers and Lace - Luna, Ever An' Angel / Ariel set - White Diamond, Zuri Jewelry
Tiers and Lace – Luna, Ever An’ Angel / Ariel set – White Diamond, Zuri Jewelry

Ariel close up

Skin:Artemis – Jamaica 03 F, Glam Affair –
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
Hair:Ballerina_hair base with ADORABLE – Updo hairstyle – Dark brown, Tuty’s
Eyes: Odyssey Eyes – Evening, IKON ( available @ current TMD)
Clothing:Tiers & Lace – Luna, Ever An’ Angel ♥
Jewelry:Ariel set, White Diamond/White, Zuri Jewelry
Shoes: Janna Heels – White & Silver – Maitreya, Pure Poison ( @ current Kustom9)

Sonnet- bridal, Ever An' Angel/  Sari Elite collection, Zuri Jewelry
Sonnet- bridal, Ever An’ Angel/ Sari Elite collection, Zuri Jewelry

Sari Elite set, Zuri Jewelry

Skin:Artemis – Jamaica 03 F,Glam Affair –
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
Hair: * YERIAK*/darkbrown, .:EMO-tions:.
Eyes: Odyssey Eyes – Clarity, IKON (  current group gift- FREE)
Clothing: Sonnet – Bridal 2015, Ever An’ Angel ♥
Jewelry: Sari ~Elite, Zuri Jewelry
Shoes: Janna Heels – White & Silver – Maitreya, Pure Poison ( @ current Kustom9)

Anna dress- White, Wayne/ Charlotte, Bridal white set, Zuri Jewelry
Anna dress- White, Wayne/ Charlotte, Bridal white set, Zuri Jewelry

Charlotte Bridal white, Zuri Jewelry

Skin:Artemis – Jamaica 03 F,Glam Affair –
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
Hair: Alice Fitted, enVOGUE
Eyes: Odyssey Eyes -Clarity, IKON ( available group gift- FREE )
Clothing:Anna dress, white, Wayne ( includes omega appliers) worn with Lornna short veil, MAAI
Jewelry:Charlotte set-Bridal White, Zuri Jewelry
Shoes: Janna Heels – White & Silver – Maitreya, Pure Poison ( @ current Kustom9)

Miso- White, Dead Dollz/ White Opal Star set, Zuri Jewelry
Miso- White, Dead Dollz/ White Opal Star set, Zuri Jewelry

White Opal Star set, Zuri Jewelry

Skin:Artemis – Jamaica 03 F,Glam Affair
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
Hair: * RESOLUTION*/darkbrown, .:EMO-tions:.
Eyes: Odyssey Eyes – Evening, IKON ( available @ current TMD)
Clothing: Miso- white, Dead Dollz
Jewelry: White Opal Star, Zuri Jewelry
Shoes: Janna Heels – White & Silver – Maitreya, Pure Poison ( @ current Kustom9)

I have eyes for Only You

For your eyes only

I have been a long time fan of eyes by Ikon, I do occasionally wear other brands for variety but Ikon are my main choice. If you haven’t tried a pair I suggest you head to the main store after finishing reading this, as the current group gift is now available. When a new range is released they are usually accompanied by a group gift at the mainstore, the group is free to join and as the eyes are usually 150L getting a free pair is always welcome.

If , like me you are eager for a bargain it is a great idea to follow up your trip to Ikon by a race over to The Mens Dept. This is a periodic sales event featuring items specifically – for men! However there are often a few unisex items there, and this round you will find the new range of Ikon eyes AND they are at a promo price while at the event. I especially like that the display photos were shot showing them as men’s eyes, yes they are for both genders to wear but the previous displays predominantly showed women’s eyes. If I was encouraging a male friend to check out the eyes I had to reassure him that they weren’t just for women. By the way the pack includes system eyes plus mesh eyes giving you options about how you want to wear them.

Although I could have stopped to do some clothes shopping while at TMD I really wanted to wear some more clothing from Only Yours. This time a slightly more dressing look as I opted for the black chinos, the creases, folds and detailing of the fabric adds some realism to what is often pretty standard -mens pants. I am such a fan of what is being released through this store I recommend you guys go and check it out for casual and semi formal items. I haven’t spied any suits there ( yet) but I love that these clothes are “every day clothes for every day guys”.

Only Yours, Mens dress shirt red

Skin: Johnny Skin (ForestTone) – Subtle, *Birth*( was available @ Cosmopolitan but now a new round)
Shape: Johnny Shape modded, *Birth*
Hair: * ROBBIE*, .:EMO-tions:. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hells%20End/134/145/25
Eyes: Odyssey Eyes – Clarity, IKON – current group gift FREE http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/IKON/143/128/501
Clothing: Mens Mesh Dress Shirt – RED, Only Yours http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Microcosm/36/222/52
Mens Mesh Chino Pants – Black, Only Yours
Shoes: Blake Loafers -Black, Redgrave
Backdrop: Dark wall pose prop, KaTink
Poses: Frankie, KaTink

Picture This!

picture this sale

Picture This! Pose store is closing and having an amazing sale. So if you need a few new poses don’t wait as the sale only lasts a few days. Most packs ( 6-8 poses) are priced at 25L, some upstairs are as low as 15L a pack!

picture this sale_003

Skin: Estelle -European, DeeTaleZ
Body:.LeLutka.Mesh Head-ARIA v1.1
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
Hair: Choa /Regular Pack 1, [monso]
Eyes: Hope Eyes – Chocolate, IKON
Clothing: Breakfast Club Shirt Dress & Cardi ,Pink & Green, :V.e.
Shoes: Maitreya Hope Heels, [hh]
Pose: Dramatics, Picture This! Poses SALE on now! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Port%20Seraphine/214/139/22
Furniture/ Decor: Humid dusty cottage gacha 4 ( chairs), HAIKEI ( current @ Kustom 9)
Humid dusty cottage gacha 2 ( stool), HAIKEI ( current @ Kustom 9)
Bird art, Junk ( @ June Arcade)
Rosemary plant, Scarlet Creative ( @ June Arcade)
Wall Texture, Celestial Day pink 2, Irrie’s Dollhouse