FF: The music of Merfolk

The journey across the harbor was smooth and eventless, but once the small craft reached open waters the waves became choppy as the wind picked up. Lily tried to keep her eyes on the billowing sail figuring that it may ease the growing disquiet she was feeling with their now bumpy journey. She decided the novelty of sailing had worn off and was beginning to wish there had been a way to travel that didn’t involve water when the Captain of the small craft began moving ropes rapidly. Lily began to feel panicked at the sudden frenzy of movement both onboard and under their vessel. Ayla bid her to cling tight to the side as they were about to cross a channel before reaching their destination.

Lily’s fingers clenched tight to the reassuring wooden boat and her eyes locked on the mast where the mysterious symbols were carved. Suddenly there was a rise and dip of the boat and the water became calm. Lily was afraid to relax her grip on the boat but let her eyes wander to take in the sights around them. They were now in narrow channel of water that soon opened out into a wide inlet. The water was calm but looked very deep, Lily peered over the side and was surprised to see stone arches and columns beneath the surface.

Ayla made a motion to the Captain and the boat stilled, all was quiet. They waited. Lily turned to Ayla a confused expression evident on her face ” What are we…?” “Shh, listen” cautioned Ayla. Lily stilled her motion and listened. Then she heard it, very faint at first.. almost like a sigh , a sigh made of lots of voices which then grew louder. Lily looked around her and saw no one, nothing that could be creating the sound that grew louder and almost sounded to be building into a softly hummed tune. Lily shifted uncomfortably, when her eye was caught by a faint ripple in the water she leaned over the boat. She thought she saw something, she focused more intently and was startled when a face appeared to be looking back at her.

poseidon merfolk

Lily moved back away from the side giving a cry in surprise followed by one of dismay as her silver charm slipped into the water. Ayla moved to put her arm around Lily to calm her, ” sit still and wait young one” she whispered to her. The humming had changed it sounded sweet, soft and sad all at once, and then it grew louder. All around the boat the calm of the water was broken by a series of ripples as faces appeared out of the depths. ” What..?” began Lily curiously..”Merfolk ” replied Ayla reverently. Soon there were a dozen merfolk surrounding them singing softly without uttering words, or rather no words that Lily could understand. A slender hand appeared over the side of the boat and the fingers uncurled to offer Lily her charm back. Lily gratefully retrieved the gift and murmured a soft Thank you, but the hand was gone before she spoke.  The music changed it became lighter and joyful to Lily’s ears, she turned to smile at Ayla who then pointed at something behind Lily. There was a soft splash and the hand reappeared this time with a small coral colored shell resting upon it, then a small mermaid surfaced and offered Lily a smile as she placed the shell beside her.

poseidon mermaid

“It is time to go” said Ayla, the Captain nodded and turned towards the nearest side of the cove. The merfolk followed forming a small party behind the boat continuing to fill the air with their music until the boat bumped ashore. The Captain helped Ayla and Lily ashore then waved to them both before carefully navigating his way through the merfolk and out towards the channel. Several of the merfolk swam away following in the wake of the boat, while others remained serenading the two adventurers as they had a small meal from their supplies. As Lily finished and rinsed her hands in the water Ayla unrolled the scroll once more. Then with a confused look on her face she reached into her pocket withdrawing the smooth stone she had used once before. She turned towards the water and held the stone towards the merfolk, the music changed once again. It became stronger, more vibrant and inspiring in it’s melody- the stone began to glow in Ayla’s hand. “Quickly Lily, grab your things we are leaving” Ayla informed her as she grabbed her own satchel and watched the portal forming in front of her. This time the oval of light was a warm rose red, it seemed to swirl and pulse along to the music as the two adventurers stepped through and disappeared.


Scapa flow mermaid with Treasure catch staff, MTB @ FF

Items with a # are available at Fantasy Faire 2015

Details: Mermaid light
Skin: Candace – Ceredil – Light – Pearl, De La Soul #
Hair: Jasmine Mesh Hair – Sorbet, /Wasabi Pills/ #
Eyes: Realism Eyes – Magical 2 , De La Soul #
Outfit: Sea Fairies, Bitter Sweet, Mermaid Treasure & Boutique #
Poses: Ariel , *PosESioN*

Details: Mermaid dark
Skin: Davina – (F4) Violent – Toned , .:Soul:. #
Hair:Jaden Mesh Hair – FEM – Licorice /Wasabi Pills/ #
Eyes: Celestial Eyes – Lavender, [Buzz]
Outfit: Scapa Flow Mermaid, Mermaid Treasure & Boutique #
Accessories: Mermaid Treasure Catch Staff, Mermaid Treasure & Boutique #
Poses: Ariel , *PosESioN

Details: Mermaid smallest
Skin/ Body/ Eyes: PETITES Sea Sprite Foam +Fallen Gods Inc.#
Hair: Mouser [Petites] – L.E. Twinkle, The Stringer Mausoleum #
Jewelry:Mesh Lil Leaves Necklace, That Chick #
Poses: Ariel , *PosESioN*

Location of photos: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Poseidons%20Abyss/64/123/42


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